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Naughty Cat Siblings Lock Human Mom in the Bathroom



  • Mom goes inside the bathroom unaware that her kitties followed her.
  • On their way out, the kitties closed the door and played on the cabinet drawers near the door which blocked the bathroom door from opening.
  • Mom slides her phone under the door, gets a hanger and manages to close the drawer cabinets where the cats are playing.

Until now, the cats’ mom Julie Balko cannot determine whether it was a trick or an accident.  But her phone uncovered who the unlikely culprits were.

Cats follow their humans everywhere. There is just no privacy— especially in the bathroom.  You have to deal with their piercing stares and meows while you bathe or your door will be full of scratches.

But this time, a pair of kitties managed to lock up their momma in the bathroom.

What happened was, when the kitties got out, they also closed the door and opened the cabinet drawers near it to play. The drawers blocked the door from swinging open.

When Balko slid her phone under the door, she saw how the cats were unaware or not of the predicament their mom is in as they continued playing when she slid her phone under the door.  This also cued her in on what to do.

She got a hanger and slid the drawers close in order for her to swing the door open.

And voila!  She was out!


Balko said that the kittens were lucky they were cute.  She now knows how it is to be a feline mom.  She wrote, “I am impressed with the complexity of their fun. Luckily, we got them out and drawers are firmly taped shut for now. My dog watched the whole thing and pretty sure she rolled her eyes. And cursed them for delaying her walk.”

What a pair of kitty pranksters!

Source: The Dodo