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Nike Donates Thousands of Nike Air Zoom Pulse: The First Shoe Designed For The ‘Healthcare Athlete’



  • Nike donates special athletic shoes designed for medical workers in hospital systems in the United States and Europe.
  • The company will distribute the donations to hospital systems in Chicago, Los Angeles, Memphis, New York City, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Milan, Paris, and Belgium.
  • In total, the company contributes $25 million to coronavirus relief efforts.

Nike donated 30,000 pairs of shoes to hospitals in the United States and 2,500 pairs to hospitals in Europe. The company designed these special athletic shoes to withstand 12-hour shifts, taking into consideration the workload of healthcare workers.  

The multinational corporation prepares 100,000 additional apparel items in the pipeline. These follow-ups would include compression socks and sportswear kits. This is the thank you for the people at the front lines.

The Nike Air Zoom Pulse is [The] first shoe designed for the healthcare athlete, an everyday hero.” The design for these shoes was made public in November and it takes into consideration the day-to-day work inside the hospital. The shoes are made using a special material that is easy to clean, and the shoe fit, cushioning and traction systems are designed to withstand the estimated four to five mile-walk with less than an hour of sitting time during the course of a 12-hour shift for medical workers.

The donation is carried out in partnership with Good360. The non-profit organization targets to distribute the donation to U.S. Veterans Hospitals and hospital systems in Chicago, Los Angeles, Memphis, and New York City that are most impacted by the virus outbreak. The Europe leg of the distribution includes hospital systems in Barcelona, Berlin, London, Milan, Paris, and Belgium.

Nike contributes $25 million to coronavirus response efforts. The company distributed $5.5 worth of apparel donations, apart from the community support efforts for company employees in Oregon, Memphis, Amsterdam, Belgium, and China.

Nike distributed 290,000 personal protective equipment and 250,000 disposable face masks to hospital systems in the country. The Training Club Premium subscription service is also offered for free during this global pandemic.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio posted on social media, “thank you so much for supporting our front line health care heroes,” addressing the multinational shoe company.

Source: Good News Network