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Nurse Rushed To The Scene Of A Road Accident To Help… She Was In Her Wedding Dress On Her Way Home With The Groom



  • Rachel and Calvin just got married and were on their way home when they passed by an accident on the road. 
  • They stopped and Rachel rushed to help, while she was still in her wedding dress.
  • The newlywed is now on a honeymoon and Rachel is glad to know that Tammy, her patient on the accident, is now recovering.

On the same day Rachel got married to her husband Calvin Taylor, she went on a mission to rescue someone.

It was on Father’s day when the nurse from Minnesota got married to her fiance at a small outdoor wedding. After the ceremony, the couple was driving home when they passed by a road accident. They stopped to see what happened and Rachel rushed to help still in her wedding dress. 

Photo Credit: Calvin Taylor/Facebook

There was a series of accidents and initially, Tammy Peterson told the local news outlet WCCO that she went to help her son and “check out the damage on his fender.” But a “black Chevy Tahoe slid through the intersection and ran into the back of the van,” which injured her.

Photo Credit: Calvin Taylor/Facebook

“Just like that other accident happened and I was there,” Tammy recalled telling the outlet she woke up seeing Rachel helping her.

For Rachel, it was kind of a throwback to when she was still in nursing school helping calm moms in labor as she tried to pacify Tammy.

“I got pretty good at talking them through and calming them down,” she said. “So, I was saying a lot of the same things.”

Tammy agrees Rachel was a big help to calm her down during the traumatic experience. 

“She kept me calm. … I think she helped save my life even more, you know, just physically and mentally being there at that time,” Tammy said. “Thank you so much for stopping and helping and bless her soul and I hope they’re enjoying their honeymoon,” she added referring to the newly wed couple.


Calvin and Rachel are on honeymoon now in Montana and Rachel is happy to hear that Tammy is doing well.

Source: PEOPLE.Com