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Ostriches enjoy cuddling with ‘ostrich whisperer’ [Video]



  • Wendy Adriaens is an animal rescuer who saves ostriches from slaughterhouses.
  • Wendy had been attacked by angry ostriches many times, but she never gave up on learning to soothe them through gentle petting.
  • “The ostrich whisperer” has since become successful in gaining their trust and now enjoys cuddles with the giant birds!

Cuddly ostriches are definitely a rare sight, but a woman in Wuustwezel, Belgium has made it happen.

For Wendy Adriaens, ostriches can be quite affectionate. An animal rescuer who saves these giant birds from slaughterhouses, Wendy managed to gain their trust, thus beginning her journey to being “the ostrich whisperer.”


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Like everyone else, Wendy used to think that ostriches, weighing usually 200-280 pounds, can be scary, especially when they’re frightened. They could run swiftly at 45 mph and their extremely powerful legs can kill a lion or any large predator with a single kick.

Nevertheless, Wendy thinks that these intimidating animals are like gentle lambs, especially once their trust is earned.

Despite being attacked by mad ostriches many times, she kept pressing on until she learned how to calm them. With patience and lots of time, Wendy has gained their trust and the giant birds have become very soft toward her.

In one of her videos on TikTok, which has a huge following, a huge male ostrich was seen acting aggressively. But Wendy didn’t run away — an action she advised never to do in such a situation. Instead, she said that the best thing to do is either lie flat on the ground or stand very tall and hold a hand up close to the ostrich’s face.


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Over time, the ostriches have gotten used to her and her soothing techniques. Most of the time, they can be seen cuddling and just savoring that moment altogether. When Wendy sets a blanket on the ground, the birds come running — it’s another cuddle session for sure.


Wendy hopes to remove any stigma around ostriches and let people know that with the right handling, they are actually very gentle.

“My big dream is opening a large sanctuary (or several), open for visitations, amazing experiences, and joy for a lifetime experience while saving and nurturing these gorgeous giants and all other animals within my/our ability,” Wendy wrote on YouTube.

Photo Credit: wendy_adriaens/Instagram

This woman is surely a gentle, caring soul, and the ostriches might have sensed that for them to let their guard down.

Source: Inspire More