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Owner Shows The ‘Adorably Annoying’ Differences Between His Cat And Dog When He Returns Home [Video]



  • A Reddit video shared by @iamliquor shows the differences between how his cat and his dog greet him after he comes home.
  • The cat launches at him while the dog approaches him quietly.
  • The two different species may show contrasting ways but two studies involving dogs and cats prove that both they miss their owner. 

Cats and dogs exhibit differences in how they deal with their human owners or to other species.  Dogs are popular for their exuberance while cats are equally known for their indifference.  

Pet owner Eric Howe shared footage of his cat Charlie and dog Chelsea showing the difference between them and the contrasting behavior. 

As Eric gets through the door, Charlie launches himself at him while Chelsea quietly approaches him for his attention. 

Photo Credit: @chelseathedog_ig (Instagram)

According to Eric, “Chelsea is a very clingy dog and she is NOT shy about demanding attention.” He adds that Chelsea’s favorite thing to do is to “mush” her face into his and there is no such thing as close enough.

And for a senior dog, she is playful and very sociable to everyone in their neighborhood. But she did not like other dogs but she loves cats.  And so, from a litter of stray cats, they adopted Charlie at 8 weeks old. From Day 1, Charlie has always liked climbing on everything, running around the house, jumping on him, attacking objects, sitting on his shoulder or curling up next to him, said Eric. 

Photo Credit: @chelseathedog_ig (Instagram)

It is no surprise that he leaps on Eric as he gets through the door.

The two pets may show contrasting traits but they often play and cuddle together and get along great, according to Eric.

Photo Credit: @chelseathedog_ig (Instagram)

The video has already earned 62,000 upvotes when Eric posted it on Reddit under the name iamtheliquor_. It is also posted on Instagram under chelseathedog_ig.

The video may show the differences but in a 2011 study published in the journal Applied Animal Behavior Science involving 12 dogs and a similar research conducted in 2017 using cats, showed that both miss their owners after being apart for several hours. 

They miss Eric and Eric fittingly describes it as “adorably annoying’.


Source: Newsweek