Parents Make the Best Present for Dog who Loves Door Stoppers [Video]

dog loves door stoppers

  • Farley was just a tiny puppy when she discovered the bounciness of a door stopper.
  • Playing with door stoppers has since become her obsession, so her parents made her a special toy.
  • The toy was a board that had over 20 door stoppers — and Farley coudn’t get enough of it!

Meet Farley, a sassy Australian shepherd who’s just a big ball of energy. She also has a quirk: she’s obsessed with door stoppers!

Photo Credit: Instagram/justbeingfarley

According to her mom, Victoria Stuart, Farley was just a tiny puppy when she saw a door stopper for the first time.

She was curious at first, but when she saw how much it bounced, she was immediately hooked! It has since become her new favorite toy.

Photo Credit: YouTube/JustBeingFarley

Farley loves playing with door stoppers wherever she finds them, and gives attitude to anyone who tries to sway her with other toys.

She also doesn’t appreciate it when it gets taken away.

Victoria shared, “At one point, she was so enamored with the door stopper that I had to take it away, and her response was hilarious.”

When Farley’s parents started sharing videos of her door stopper adventures, they got the most brilliant idea.

Victoria saw one comment that suggested making a board filled with door stoppers.

They decided to make it her Christmas present.

They “found a wooden planter box online to use as the base, drew up the plans, painted and clear-coated it, and assembled it with all 25 door stoppers,” said Victoria.

Photo Credit: TikTok/justbeingfarley

Farley got her special present on Christmas morning.

When her parents showed it to her, she didn’t understand what it was at first. So they showed her how it worked.

As soon as she realized what it was, she completely flipped out!


Everyone else is sharing their highlights from 2021, meanwhile Farley is like “i got dis new toy 💁‍♀️” #cutepuppy #dogtok #australianshepherd

♬ Bodies – Drowning Pool

Playing with her new door stopper toy has become Farley’s favorite activity. When she doesn’t feel like playing, she would still sit or nap beside it.

Farley’s door stopper obsession may seem weird to other people, but luckily for Farley, her parents understand. They even made her the perfect gift!

You can see more of Farley’s door-stopping adventures on Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Source: The Dodo

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A “busy board” for the dog! Cute! Back in the ’50s, my Dad did something similar for 1 of my kid brothers who was obsessed at a rather tender age, with things electrical & fasteners; there was nothing on the market to meet that need, so he built one with switches, plugs, & various kinds of fasteners on it; Denny LOVED it, & left the real stuff alone after that.

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