Parrot Robs Reporter’s Airpod While He’s Doing Live Story On Robberies [Video]

  • TV reporter Nicolas Krumm was in the middle of his broadcast when a parrot landed on his shoulder.
  • Not content with just perching on his shoulder, the bird proceeded to pluck out the reporter’s earpiece and flew away.
  • The journalist was reporting on a residential break-in when he personally experienced a robbery, live on air.

Robbed in broad daylight and witnessed by Chilevision viewers!  What an epic theft!

Journalist Nicolas Krumm was doing a live midday broadcast when he felt a presence close to him.  He realized that it was a parrot.  He already saw the parrot watching them from railings nearby earlier and tried alerting his cameraman’s attention to it.

It was unusual as parrots undergo years of training before they rest on people’s shoulders.

He says his earpiece must have proven interesting for the parrot as it was looking at it out of the corner of its eye before the bird plucks it out of his ear!

Photo Credit: CBS Boston (YouTube)

Krumm had no choice but to carry on with his reporting.  He just did not want to draw attention to the blatant robbery as their story was about a residential break-in.

He even tried to grab it from the bird but it was too fast and immediately flew away with the stolen item.

That is when Krumm notified the viewers, “It’s just taken my earpiece”.

Photo Credit: CBS Boston (YouTube)

Isn’t it too funny that your story is about a robbery and you get robbed by a parrot?  The bird may not be behind the house break-in, but it sure got away with his air pod.  But not for too long.  As Krumm updated the viewers, the earpiece was found in a nearby patch of grass.

The bird must have dropped it there in his frantic attempt to get away. But the avian rascal is still at large.

Source: Mirror

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