Police Officer Gives 84-Year-Old Lady a Ride to Hair Appointment After Seeing Her Walking on Highway Alone [Video]

  • A Tennessee police officer was on patrol when he saw an elderly lady walking on a busy highway.
  • The 84-year-old woman said she was on her way to the salon to get a perm.
  • Officer Lance Hoffmeister gave her a ride to the salon and told her to call him when the hair appointment is done.

A Tennessee police officer was doing his routine patrol when he saw an elderly lady walking alone on the side of a busy highway. Concerned, this made Officer Lance Hoffmeister get out of his vehicle and ask where the lady was heading.

The 84-year-old Elizabeth Good told the officer she has a hair appointment. Using her walker, she intended to walk to the salon. It was about a mile away.

“I didn’t know if she wandered away or if she was lost that is why I wanted to check on her,” Officer Hoffmeister told Inside Edition. “She was trying to get to the Paul Mitchell Studio. It was a mile from where she got dropped off.”

Photo Credit: Inside Edition (YouTube)

Officer Hoffmeister offered Elizabeth a ride in his patrol cruiser.

They introduced themselves when they got to the salon.

The officer said that seeing Elizabeth struggling to walk on the stretch of highway had a big impact on him. He said she reminded him of his grandmother who passed away a few years ago.

“Obviously it is a good feeling. I have a special place in my heart for my seniors and it just made me feel good,” he said. “I thing that’s what the job is all about.”

Photo Credit: Inside Edition (YouTube)

Before leaving Elizabeth, Officer Hoffmeister gave her his number and told her to call him when her hair appointment was done. He said he would give her a ride back home. And she did!

Thank you, Officer Hoffmeister. You look fabulous with your perm, Elizabeth.

Source: Inside Edition

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A Credit to officers everywhere! Thank you! From an old retired cop!

What a kind man! Thank you for helping her. There great policemen and women out there.

BZ! Well Done officer!😉

good to see there are still good People around.
thank you Officer, you simple the best.

Thanks to the officer for a job well done

What a great guy…that old gal could have been hit on the highway…God Bless that officer… I bet he is a great grandson to someone too.

I love, love, love this site!
Wonderful stories! There are way more good people in this world than bad and it is so fun to see these amazing stories.
Thank you for spreading the beautiful things happening in life for us to get to witness too!