“Poorly Drawn” Cat Sparks Romance for Two Cat Parents From Different Continents

  • A love story between two cat parents blossomed out of a sketch of a cat named Luna by Heloisa Nora.
  • Emma Ferguson follows the artist and when she saw the sketch, she decided to follow the owner of the cat, Grant Shroeder, on Twitter.
  • After the following, they began talking and the two who lived on different continents proved that their online romance is even better for real.

The world wide web has changed the way people meet and interact.  It also brought a lot of intercontinental couples together even with the distance.  Take the love story of Grant Shroeder from Oregon and Emma Ferguson from Liverpool, England which started with a post of a cat drawing by the artist Heloisa Nora.

Nora’s simple sketches show the essence of cats. With this in mind, Grant Shroeder commissioned her to draw his new kitty daughter, Luna, in 2019.

As customary, after it was done, Nora posted a picture of the sketch on her Twitter page.  Emma, who follows Nora, and who also has a cat named Luna, decided to also follow Grant.

Emma said, “I saw a pic on his account of him holding his Luna. Cute boy with cat — must follow, of course!”

The following did not escape Grant. He did not waste time and sent Emma a message.  This was the start of getting to know each other, talking about cats, daily FaceTiming and eventually falling in love.

The first physical meetup happened in January 2020 when Grant went to England.  The online chemistry was good but the feelings offline were even better for the two. Thus, they planned on Emma visiting the States that same year but COVID-19 pandemic happened. Plans had to be shelved until August 2021.

The feelings just kept getting stronger between the two that the couple got engaged on New Year’s Eve 2021 and by July 2022, they tied the knot!

Grant happily shared, “Obviously, I had no clue that I was about to find my wife through Twitter, but things have a funny way of turning out.”

And the unknowing cupid Heloisa could not be happier for the couple. She said, “It’s nice what we can do with the internet these days. I would’ve never imagined that a cat drawing would result in a beautiful story.”

To celebrate the wedding, Heloisa created a new “poorly drawn” illustration for the couple.

Fitting for a union that had its beginning and end from a sketch to an illustration. All the best in your ‘meowriage’, Grant and Emma!

Source: Inspire More

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