Precious Pup Greets Everyone At The Spa On His ‘Workday’ [Video]

Shih Tzu

  • Frankie the Shih Tzu takes his work very seriously.
  • When he arrives at the spa and salon, he checks every door to greet every staff and customer.
  • The mood instantly lifts whenever he enters a room!

If we could bring our dogs to work, they’d probably be the longest-running employee of the month. Simply seeing them and being around them is such a mood booster, that we wouldn’t argue them beating us human employees for the title.

Bringing our pets to the office may or may not be a good idea, though, depending on the workplace environment. But watching Frankie the Shih Tzu go about his human’s workplace at this spa and salon makes us think there are only pros and no cons!

Frankie takes his work as a greeter very seriously!

Viewers can’t get enough of the precious pup. TikTok viewer @urwasiangal commented, “HE’S SO FLOOFY. I NEED TO PET HIM.” We can definitely relate! We’re tempted to book an appointment at this salon right away just so we can pet this adorable floof.

We can bet that Frankie not only boosts the mood of staff and customers alike, but also draws in more new customers! He’s no doubt the employee of the month indefinitely.

You can see the mood lift as soon as he enters the room.

Photo Credit: TikTok/frankiefrancic

He’s been receiving only good reviews. TikTok user @marinahairstylist wrote, “Very good worker, always on time! Greets every single client!” Frankie made sure to stop by each door so he can greet every single person.

One TikTok user, aprilwoah, commented, “I wish I could bring my Shih-Tzu to the salon but I’d literally get no work done.” That’s completely relatable, and perhaps the only disadvantage of bringing a pet to work! Perhaps there should just be a designated bring-your-pet-to-work day to regularly refresh staff’s mood.

Frankie would definitely brighten up any work environment. You can see more of this precious pup on TikTok.

Source: Pet Helpful

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