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Pup With No Back Legs Finally Got Adopted



  • When Teddy fist came to the shelter, his hind legs didn’t have feelings and he had no control over them.
  • He was fostered by Cheryl until the veterinarian suggested to have his hind legs amputated.
  • Then finally, he was adopted by Liona and everybody could see they were clearly meant for each other!

Sometimes, there are just  those who are undeniably made in heaven for each other — like Teddy and Liona.

Teddy was only a 4-week-old pup when he first came to  Road Dogs & Rescue in Los Angeles. Right there and then, the staff in the shelter knew it would be difficult for him to find his forever home because of his condition.

The pup had no feelings in his hind legs nor control over them so he walked only with his front and dragged his back legs around. Other than that, he was perfectly healthy and had a lovable personality!

The shelter tried to put him up for adoption but to no avail. That’s when foster mom Cheryl, who flew all the way from New York with her husband, stepped in to help and brought the little pup home. 

As Teddy was growing, his lifeless hind legs started to get in his way. He would often stumble and fall because of them, so the veterinarian recommended amputating his hind legs.

The adorable pup did “remarkably well,” and survived the operation with no problem. But the most amazing thing about it is when someone finally applied for his adoption.

Liona, who is also from New York, fell in love at the first sight of Teddy. The instant he was put in her arms, everybody knew they were meant to be together!

Photo Credit: @teddytupac (Instagram)

“When I saw him in person for the first time, I started crying,” she said. “He just like, melted into my arms and it was so perfect.”

Now, Teddy is doing great and has no problem keeping up with his other dog siblings. His adorable personality is captivating everyone especially that he loves voicing out his opinions — which his mom fondly calls, “Ted Talks.”

Photo Credit: @teddytupac (Instagram)

Looking at how Teddy treats life, Liona was inspired to keep going no matter what adversity they may face.

“He just keeps me grounded and reminds me that there’s no reason to ever give up,” she said. “I know that he may seem imperfect to others, but to me, he’s perfect the way that he is.”

Source: Inspire More