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Regular Customer Donates $40,000 to Help Cafe Stay in Business and Deliver Breakfast Sandwiches To Health Workers



  • Bill Salley owns a cafe in Naples, Florida which was in danger of closing for good due to the financial woes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Fortunately, one of his regulars stepped in to help, donating money and asked the cafe to deliver breakfast sandwiches to healthcare workers for free.
  • After a few weeks, the cafe earned $40,000!

An unnamed benefactor saved a restaurant in Florida from total closure amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. With his generosity, the restaurant stayed open and it was tasked to feed breakfast to the local healthcare workers. 

Back in April, the Governor in Florida implemented the stay-at-home order and many businesses were forced to close including the Bill’s Cafe in Naples. Luckily, a customer who regularly comes for breakfast talked to the owner, Bill Salley, expressed his desire to help the cafe. 

“He says listen I have two envelopes for you, ‘one for you, one for your help,’” Bill recalled to WINK News. “It was so nice and kind of him.”

But regardless, if there is not enough sale, even with the large amount of money he received, the cafe would still not survive. 

Then the donor asked him to deliver 100 sandwiches every day to Naples Community Hospital just across the street! It was a great chance Bill never would’ve dared to miss! 

Photo Credit: Wink News

In the following weeks, the cafe earned $40,000!

Bill is extremely thankful—and so were all his staff. “It felt good that someone genuinely cared about the community to come out and help… and help the nurses and the doctors,”  server Andrea Gianello said. 

Now, Bill hopes that the story of the struggle his cafe has gone through and survived amidst a global crisis, may inspire other people all over the country to take notice of small businesses like his that ate in dire need of help in these trying times! We will survive this together if we help each other!

Source: Good News Network