Rescue pig who used to live in a basement is overjoyed to get her own pool

  • A rescue pig named Billy had never been in a pool.
  • She used to live in a moist basement that frequently got flooded.
  • When she arrived at the Arthur’s Acres Animal Sanctuary, she finally got her own pool and would stay there for at least three hours. 

Billie, a rescue pig, had never been in a pool, let alone owned one. That all changed when she came to Arthur’s Acres Animal Sanctuary.

The water-loving pig is now obsessed.


Todd Friedman, Billie’s dad, said the pig adores her own pool and spends her days grazing or eating near it.

Friedman watched with excitement as the 2-and-a-half-year-old Kunekune pig stepped into the pool and stayed in that same spot for “no less than three hours.”

They had to keep checking on Billie to ensure she was okay, but she was having the time of her life.


Billie used to live in a moist basement that frequently got flooded. She and her pig brother, Moby, were rescued and given a second chance at life. And, judging by the ecstatic expression on Billie’s face, the pool is the nicest thing that has ever happened to her.

Billie enjoys relaxing in places other than pools. She can also be found soaking up the rays in the pond or resting near the water with an open mouth, awaiting a treat to fall in.


Billie may be living her best life right now, but Friedman is the one who gives her credit.

“She taught me a lot about forgiveness. She has every right to be angry, spending the beginning of her life in a wet, dark, cold basement. She loves everyone — and I mean everyone. She is so positive and really does not let anything bother her,” Friedman said. 

Source: The Dodo

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Blog Comments

Billie the pig is certainly ugly as hell, but one cannot avoid seeing her crazy smile as she lolls happily & lazily in and near her pool (or pond). After what she went thru in her early life, she certainly deserves this new good fortune! Happy days, Billie!

I disagree with your comment that she is “ugly as hell”. I think she is cute and obviously very sweet. Some people just cannot see the beauty in all animals.

Billie the pig is not pretty to look at but she still makes you smile with the obvious joy she gets being in water. I’m so happy she and her brother were found and taken to a sanctuary. Not all mistreated animals are that fortunate and to me, that makes her beautiful because she is so happy. It’s her teeth that make her funny looking but it’s okay, she can’t help it.