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Rescued Dog Finds Love in ‘Nutcracker’ Role and New Home



  • Luna was in a terrible condition when she was found in a local park.
  • As she received the necessary treatments, her charm reached the organizers of a ballet company.
  • She made special appearances in the Southwest Virginia Ballet’s “Nutcracker” shows for three days before moving into her foster home.

A dog abandoned to a terrible fate is finally getting the care and love she needs, just in time for the holidays. She even got a role in a ballet performance of “The Nutcracker”!

When Luna was found in a local park, she was alone and tied to a pole. She was picked up by animal control in late November and brought to Angels of Assissi, an animal shelter in Roanoke, Virginia. The vets who checked on her said she was in “horrific condition.”

Photo Credit: Angels of Assissi

According to the shelter, Luna was “extremely malnourished” and “in critical condition.” She also has Lyme disease, which has started to affect her kidney function. The shelter’s medical team had to give her IV fluids and antibiotics.

But Luna is a fighter, and she started recovering just a few days after her arrival at the shelter. The staff said that she had regained the “sparkle of hope in her eyes” as she felt better.

By Dec. 6, Luna was “getting stronger by the day.”

Rescued Dog Finds Love in 'Nutcracker' Role and New Home
Photo Credit: Angels of Assissi

The shelter continued giving her antibiotics for her Lyme disease as well as a feeding regime that will help her gain weight. Once she gets to a healthier weight, she will have a mass removed from her side and get spayed.

Many followed Luna’s story. She even enchanted the organizers of the Southwest Virginia Ballet’s performances of “The Nutcracker” at the Berglund Center. Her charm landed her a special role in several of their “Nutcracker” shows!

Rescued Dog Finds Love in 'Nutcracker' Role and New Home
Photo Credit: Angels of Assissi

The audience loved Luna’s appearances!

“Everybody in the ballet” loved on her by giving her treats and showering her with love and affection, the shelter shared.

She starred in “The Nutcracker” for three days before moving into her foster home, where she will continue her treatment and recovery.

Yesterday was a very exciting day for sweet Luna! She had her final performance in Southwest Virginia Ballet’s The…Posted by Angels of Assisi on Monday, December 13, 2021

The shelter shared on Monday, “We are so happy this sweet girl has such a loving home to continue to heal. She will continue to come back for medical care, so stay tuned for more updates.”

Source: PEOPLE