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Rescuers reunite baby sloth and mom by recording tiny sloth’s call



  • A sloth and her baby got separated on a Costa Rica beach.
  • The mommy sloth climbed up a tree, while the baby sloth was rescued by the Jaguar Rescue Center.
  • The center recorded the baby’s call and played it to summon the mother sloth. 

According to SWNS, a young three-toed sloth got separated from its mother on a Costa Rica beach on May 10. Unsure of her baby’s whereabouts, the mother sloth began to climb a tree up into the canopy.

Fortunately, a Jaguar Rescue Center (JRC) staff in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica, witnessed what had happened and grabbed the tiny creature.


The newborn sloth was hurried to the vet for a check-up, where it was given clearance. The rescuers devised a strategy to reconnect mother and kid once the baby sloth was strong enough to return to the wild.

The staff from the Jaguar Rescue Center recorded the baby sloth’s call and replayed it near the tree the mother climbed. The mother was summoned down by the call, and her darling baby was tenderly handed back to her once she began her descent.

Their reunion video on Playa Chiquita amassed over 26,000 views on Instagram.

“We are happy to announce that we were able to reunite this mother and baby 3-fingered sloths (Bradypus variegatus),” the center wrote on the post. 


According to the post, the JRC created the method a few years ago and uses it to reunite mom and baby sloths.

In the video, the mother sloth is seen descending the tree. When the mother comes close enough to the rescuer who is holding her kid, she stretches her arm, delicately snatches her infant, and binds her to her body.

“It melts our hearts every time we can witness the reunion of a mom and her baby,” wrote the Jaguar Rescue Center on Instagram.

Source: People