‘Scared’ Stray Dog Had The Sweetest Reunion With Rescuer Who Drove Hours To Make Sure He’s Safe

Rocky, a one-year-old border collie mix, spent numerous days wandering a remote construction site before someone spotted him. He was scared and fearful of people. Until an animal rescue volunteer named Barth tried to earn his trust.

“Barth had been putting food out for him at the [construction] jobsite for a week or so before his capture, but was never able to touch him,” Shirley Zindler, founder of Dogwood Animal Rescue, told The Dodo. “He drove hours to pick up a trap from us, drove back to the job site and was able to get him in the trap quickly.”

Tissue alert! Look who had a visit from his rescue angel❤️ Our precious Rocky had a visit from Barth, the man who fed him, drove many hours to pick up a trap from us to capture him, and then brought him to safety. They had the sweetest reunion, with Barth wearing a Dogwood hat no less! When Rocky was found abandoned at a remote construction site he was to afraid to let anyone touch him. Now he feels safe and his rescuer was able to finally give him so much love and cuddles. While Barth isn’t able to adopt him, he’s thrilled to see him safe and happy. Rocky is adoption pending and will go home soon. THIS is why we rescue. Making a difference one animal at a time. www.dogwoodanimalrescue.org

Posted by Dogwood Animal Rescue Project on Thursday, 28 July 2022

Barth then made the hours-long drive back to the rescue so Rocky could be safe and off the streets.

“[Barth] spent about an hour with Rocky, who was still pretty scared and shut down at that time,” Zindler said. “[But] he actually settled in pretty quickly once he made friends with the resident dogs and felt safe.”

Photo Credit: Shirley Zindler

As Rocky waited to get adopted weeks later, the animal rescue surprised him with a visitor — Barth.

“It was just the sweetest thing,” Zindler said. “Rocky had really come out of his shell by then and was approaching people, but it was obvious that he remembered the friend who had fed him. He wagged his tail, gave kisses and snuggled as close as possible.”

But after a while, it was time for Barth to leave. Luckily, the resilient pup bounced right back.

Photo Credit: Shirley Zindler

“He watched him go, but was comfortable and happy and bonded with his foster family by then,” Zindler said. “So he had a wonderful visit with his friend, but was also happy and content in his foster home.”

Barth couldn’t adopt Rocky, but a loving couple did. And in August, the former stray found his forever home. Rocky will surely never forget Barth’s kindness, and the pup is excited for the next chapter of his life.

“He was very comfortable with them and greeted them with wags and kisses,” Zindler said. “We’re already getting updates, and he has a new best dog friend next door to play with.”

Source: The Dodo

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Michele A Becker

God bless the man who spotted the crate with 20 puppies in it; in Essex, England, and reported it to the local Humane Society!
God bless the man who saved Rocky as well!
I love these beautiful stories.
Thank you very much,
Michele Becker