Seal Pup Asks for Help at the Pub

seal pup asks for help at the pub

  • A pub in England had a surprise guest one day: a seal pup.
  • The seal wasn’t bothered by the people around and seemed to be attracted to the food in the kitchen.
  • When rescue services eventually arrived, they learned that the seal traveled 300 miles from Scotland.

An unusual customer turned up at a pub in Bristol, England, one day, perhaps looking for food. The chef of The Old Lock & Weir was surprised to see the curious seal pup shuffling around their riverside building.

Photo Credit: The Old Lock & Weir

The pub’s general manager, Dan Rawlins, said he was pleasantly surprised by the creature as well.

Even though the seal pup drew a lot of attention from staff and customers, β€œhe was moving around quite a lot and didn’t seem too bothered about all the people around,” Rawlins shared.

Photo Credit: The Old Lock & Weir

Most of the staff assumed that the seal may have been brought to their pub by the previous night’s high tide.

Rawlins, meanwhile, thinks that the seal may have been looking for help, or a bite to eat.

He noticed that the seal was underweight and was clearly attracted to the pub’s kitchen. “We’re speculating that he was hungry,” he said.

The pub staff tried their best to care for the seal pup as they waited for rescue services. They made use of pallets to contain him and draped wet towels over him to keep him comfy.

Photo Credit: The Old Lock & Weir

The British Divers Marine Life Rescue Service eventually arrived and safely retrieved the pup. They then transferred him to RSPCA West HatchΒ for treatment.

When the rescuers scanned the seal’s tag, they learned that he had been traveling for 300 miles from Scotland!

The seal pup was lucky to have found kind people to help him. He will be returned to his home in the sea after he’s been nursed back to health.

Source: The Dodo

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So damn nice to see a real feel good story what will all the bad news of late. England and their Pubs need a big and for this kindness.