Server Broke Into Tears After Customer Gives Tip For Her Airconditioner And Phone Bill [Video]

  • A social media star surprised a restaurant server with a $350 tip after eating in the restaurant where she works.
  • When asked how much she wants for a tip, the waitress answered $20 but after Isaiah Garza pressed her on, she confessed she needed money to pay her phone bill and to buy an air conditioner.
  • The server, who broke into tears after Isaiah handed her $350, said she’d give it to her mom instead to help with the mortgage.

A restaurant server who brought back the check to one of her customers didn’t expect that she’ll receive some good news. A guest — social media star Isaiah Garza — asked her a question that caught her completely off guard.

“My question to you is, ‘How much would you like your tip to be?’” asked Isaiah.

The waitress hesitated before responding with, “Honestly, whatever you can give.”

Isaiah wanted her to give him an exact amount that would make her happy. She replied $20. But Isaiah was not satisfied with her response and insisted she think again.

Photo Credit: @isaiahgarza (Instagram)

Finally, she confessed that she needed money to pay her phone bill, which is $50. Isaiah goaded her if she still needs anything. That’s when she mentioned that also she needed to buy an air conditioner since she currently doesn’t have one.

Isaiah handed her $350 —$50 to pay for the phone bill and $300 for the air conditioner.

“I really truly, truly, truly appreciate it,” she said wiping her tears. “This has never happened to me before.”

Photo Credit: @isaiahgarza (Instagram)

Tearfully, the server revealed that she will not use the $300 to buy the air conditioner that she needs. Instead, she thought her mom needs it more.

“I’m just going to give it to my mom to be honest,” said the server. “She’s worried about paying for the mortgage.”

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the server’s name. We salute your selfless act of kindness!

Isaiah, who said he used to be homeless, is now helping those in need. He was touched by the server’s decision to give the money to her mom that he decided to start a Venmo account to help her even more.

On his Instagram post, he commented: “Guys! We are trying to change her life in a BIG way! We are collecting donations on Venmo @ kindnessfoundation & planning to see her again next week!!!

We hope you two are blessed even more.

Source: Inspire More

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