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Shameless Dog Poops In The Middle Of Her Parents’ Wedding



  • Freya is an adorable dog and she was adopted by her parents five years ago.
  • They loved her so much that for their wedding, they decided to make her the flower girl!
  • But in the middle of the event, nature called and Freya pooped in plain view of everyone.

When Freya’s previous owner passed away five years ago, she was adopted by her current family. Their meeting was what could be considered love at first sight!

“She’s the epitome of a gentle giant,” her mom, Kat Kenny, told The Dodo. “She will snooze all day long if she’s allowed … and gets along with everyone.” 

Her parents love her so much that when they planned for their wedding, she was without a doubt going to play a big role in the event — as the flower girl. When the special day came, her parents were so excited as they were to become a family!

Photo Credit: Kat Kenny

“She was an angel,” Kat said. “She’d stayed inside with me while my party and I were getting ready, then we let her out right before we came out. She made her way down the aisle to say hello to my (now) husband, before going up and down every row of guests to ensure they all knew she was the star of the show.” 

Photo Credit: Kat Kenny

While the ceremony was ongoing, Freya went to every guest to say hello to them and she was getting so much love and attention in return.

But suddenly, nature called and she had no time to go farther out of everyone’s sight. So she did her business right behind the arbor, in plain view of the whole event!

Photo Credit: Kat Kenny

Almost immediately, the guests noticed her doing her thing, but tried to ignore in respect to the ceremony — until Kat’s mom spotted her and exclaimed in horror, ‘OH NO, Freya!’

Kat and her husband laughed out loud and found it hilariously adorable instead!

“We had asked our celebrant that our ceremony be full of laughter, and nothing makes everyone laugh quite like a giant dog perched behind the arbor doing a giant turd,” Kat said. “It was the talk of the evening, much to our delight. We are a couple who love to make memories, particularly with our furry children, and we couldn’t have imagined something so hilarious as this!”

Photo Credit: Kat Kenny

As soon as the pup was finished, she went back to the event casually as if nothing unusual ever happened.

The ceremony turned out amazing but Freya pooping in the background would be his parent’s easy favorite part of it. While others may get annoyed because of what happened, for Freya’s family, what she did made that special moment more memorable!

Source: The Dodo