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Shy Tuxedo Kitten Is Obsessed With His Pug Brother At Foster Home [Video]



  • When Sylvester the kitty arrived at their foster home with his mom and sibling, he was shy and timid.
  • But when he set his sights on befriending the puppy Cooper who was also shy, they became kindred spirits that they are now bonded like glue.
  • Whenever they can, the pair now spend all their time playing, running and spooning and loving each other.

When you come from a shy family, you are also bound to keep to yourself.  It would take time for you to trust others and show your real self.  But once the boundaries are opened, you can be pretty loyal and focused on that one friend.

It took Little Wanderers NYC rescuer Mashaal Memom three weeks to locate a stray cat named Tweety and her babies.  They were really skittish, shy and timid.

One of the kitties, a tuxedo with mittens named Sylvester, struggled to fit into his new family.  But when he discovered the equally shy pandemic puppy Cooper, he was obsessed.

Sylvester’s foster parents, Jacky and Yeshi said, “Sylvester was curious about Cooper from the beginning. Cooper, despite being much bigger, was so confused and not sure. For the first couple of days, Sylvester kept trying to get his attention, but it stressed Cooper out.”

Photo Credit: @littlewanderersnyc (Instagram)

Eventually, with persistence, Sylvester won Copper’s heart. They are now inseparable with their days spent playing, running around and spooning each other whenever they can. They are bonded at the hip.

Sylvester even waits for Cooper to finish his bath to join him at the tub once it is drained.  And when Copper goes out for his walk, Sylvester waits at the door.

The bromance is just too adorable.

Photo Credit: @littlewanderersnyc (Instagram)

And the once two shy fur babies now show each other all the lovin’.

The pair are not for adoption but Sylvester’s mom and sister are. Lisa Scroggins, cofounder of Little Wanderers NYC said that Tweety the mom is gentle and timid like Sylvester while Daffy the kitty is obsessed with people.

With tender loving care, we are sure Tweety would be as loving as Sylvester.  After all, she’s Sylvester’s mom. 


Source: The Dodo