Skinny Cat Begging To Be Rescued Reveals Her Secret When She Gets To Be In A Home [Video]

  • A skinny orange cat was in a crowded parking lot approaching people and begging to be rescued.
  • She was rescued and brought to a foster home where she was given medication for worms and fleas and given love and care.
  • In spite of her weight, the ginger cat was pregnant and she gave birth to six kittens at the foster home.

Bronx, New York local animal rescuer Daniel first encountered the tiny ball of orange fluff in a parking lot.  The cat ran up to him and was incredibly friendly.  He contacted his rescue partner and founder of Saving Belladonna rescue group, Suzy.

When Suzy first saw the orange cat, she thought that it was a bird because it was so skinny.

Suzy said the cat came running up to her like it did to Daniel. “She came running up to everyone on the street like that. She was begging to be rescued.”

She managed to get the ginger cat into a pet carrier after coaxing it with wet cat food placed in the back of the carrier and brought her to a foster home.

The cat was quarantined in a big, sunny bathroom where she got love and cuddles and named Flamingo for her nose with a unique pink color,” according to Suzy. She was also given medication for worms and fleas.  Spaying had to be delayed because she was still too skinny.

Photo Credit: Saving Belladonna

A few days after she was rescued, Flamingo surprised her foster mom with the discovery that she is pregnant. Suzy double-checked and indeed, she was pregnant.

Suzy thought that with Flamingo’s size, she would only have 2-3 kittens.  But she gave birth to six healthy kittens!  Good thing she was rescued in time for her to have a safe delivery and home.

While Flamingo is still on a feeding schedule to gain weight, her kittens are growing bigger and bigger. When Flamingo reaches her weight goal and the kittens are weaned, vaccinated, fully vetted and on solid foods already, Flamingo will be spayed and the family will be eligible for adoption.

Suzy said, “She’s a top-notch cat. She’s really friendly and loves to have full-on conversations with you. She’s going to make someone so happy.”

Photo Credit: Saving Belladonna

Thanks for being there for Flamingo, Daniel, Suzy and foster mom!

Source: The Dodo

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