Sneaky Golden Retriever Caught In The Act Of Stealing His Baby Brother’s Socks [Video]

  • Winston the dog was caught by her mom stealing his baby brother’s socks, not just once but twice.
  • When Ashley Huseby (@elitharia) posted the video on TikTok, viewers left hilarious comments.
  • One comment joked about the baby brother thinking that Winston is his name.

Dogs can be the sweetest nannies to their baby human siblings but once in a while the naughtiness emerges and it is going to be hilarious.  Despite the act, you know that their motives are pure.  But you cannot help but laugh at their reactions when they are caught red-handed.

They can switch their puppy eyes on you and you’re a goner.


Winston loves stealing his brothers socks and drowning him with kisses 💋 😆 my day his spent trying to watch both of them #babytok #goldenretriever #cutebaby #momsoftiktok #puppy

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Exactly why owner Ashley Huseby (@elitharia) did not have the heart to be mad when she captured on video her Golden Retriever Winston stealing his baby brother’s socks.  She thought yelling “Winston!” was enough as the dog stopped what he was doing.  But the dog went back to steal the other sock and she still got to shoot a video of it!

Photo Credit: @elitharia (TikTok)

Oh, my. When Huseby posted the video on TikTok, with the caption “Winston loves stealing his brother’s socks and drowning him with kisses,” viewers went crazy.  The amusing comments poured in.

@user4725393575041 quipped, “Mom!!! He doesn’t want the socks on!! I’m being helpful (plus I want them!!)!!!”, explaining Winston’s actions while @donnalind462 joked, “He only had one on so I took the other one off”. @ashlynn_sugarplum laughingly wrote, “Your baby is going to think Winston is his name!”

Photo Credit: @elitharia (TikTok)

We can only watch and comment in amusement but what do you think mom should do to keep Winston out of his baby brother’s socks? Mom could use some help. Oh, Winston! 

Source: Pet Helpful

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Love it! Love it! Love it! Stories like these are what’s worth opening you email. Love all animals, especially dogs.

Why dont you make a doggie toy, out of the baby’s stock.?

kurt gandenberger

in the first picture he is averting his eyes to the left “i am up to something.” after stealing the bootie he averts his eyes downwards “i guess i got caught.” what an adorable thief!