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Son looking for his birth mom finds her working at the same hospital [Video]



  • Benjamin had long been searching for his birth mother.
  • His birth mom eventually sent her a birthday greeting. 
  • During their reunion, they discovered that they are both working at the same hospital. 

Benjamin Hulleberg, an adopted child from Utah, had long wanted to meet his birth mother, but he had no idea she was only a few minutes walk away.

Benjamin and his biological mother Holly Shearer, who both work at St. Marks Hospital in Salt Lake City, were almost probably in the building at the same time, and they may have parked side by side or even seen each other in the hallway.

Benjamin’s adopted parents never discouraged him from trying to discover and meet the woman he only knew as Holly.

He wrote letters, registered with an adoption registry, and even underwent a DNA test in the hopes that the program’s algorithms would lead to a clue.

But Holly Shearer had never forgotten the kid she had placed for adoption as a teenager.


“He was always on my mind. More so on holidays and his birthday, roller coaster of emotions,” 36-year-old Shearer said. “I thought about him all the time.”

Holly received occasional photos and messages from the Hulleberg family. She found Benjamin on Facebook as well. She kept her distance because she didn’t want to “throw a wrench” in what she perceived as a prosperous and active young adulthood.

Shearer eventually sent Benjamin a Happy Birthday note, which completely changed his world. He said he had been waiting for the past 20 years of his life for it to finally happen. 


He quickly asked to schedule a reunion and requested that their whole families meet.  

Benjamin had learned he had a half-brother and a half-sister, so he had a lot of catching up to do.

Shearer and Hulleberg realized they worked at the same hospital after a tearful introduction. The former was a medical assistant at the Heart Center, while the latter was a volunteer at the NICU.


This has resulted in “wonderful” regular coffee breaks between the two. Hulleberg hailed the experience as “very healing,” and urged anyone still looking for their biological parents to keep looking. He also expressed relief that he can finally start living the rest of his life.

Source: Good News Network