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Special Delivery: Amazon Driver Brings Woman Box of Kittens [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Eleanor Malloy, expecting a regular Amazon package, was surprised when an Amazon delivery driver handed her a box of three kittens, left with him by a woman on his route who didn’t want them.
  • The driver promised to return for the kittens after his shift, but he never showed up, leaving Eleanor as the kittens’ foster mom. Within days, the kittens started playing and exhibiting signs of good health.
  • The kittens quickly found new homes, with two of them adopted by other families, while Eleanor herself adopted one. Initially unexpected, Eleanor found joy in the surprise delivery, stating she was thrilled with how things turned out.

There was a surprising ring at the door one day that left Eleanor Malloy in a state of bewilderment.

It wasn’t the Amazon package she’d been anticipating; it was an unexpected delivery of a completely different kind.

As the knocking persisted, Eleanor opened the door to the Amazon delivery man, standing expectantly at the base of her porch.

“Hi, can I help you?” she inquired, as reported to The Dodo.

The driver had an unusual request that was far from your standard delivery protocol.


The driver explained that on a previous stop, a woman had handed him a box of unwanted kittens.

Observing Eleanor’s own cat, he dared to ask if she’d mind looking after the little felines while he completed his rounds, promising to retrieve them afterward.

While it wasn’t exactly the Amazon order she’d been waiting for, Eleanor’s response was nothing short of ecstatic.

“YEAH, DUDE! I’ll take them! Totally.”

Eleanor followed him to his truck, where he handed her a box containing three kittens: one buff, one orange, and one brown tabby.

Marking Eleanor’s address on his phone for later, the driver set off to complete his delivery route.


However, his planned return to collect the kittens never transpired.

Instead, Eleanor unexpectedly found herself in the role of foster mom, dedicating her time to the care and nurturing of the kittens.

“The kittens seemed to be around 4 to 5 weeks old. They were fairly weak, but within two days, they were up and playing!” Eleanor shared.

The so-called ‘Amazon kittens’ flourished under her care, and in no time at all, each one found a loving and caring forever home.

Two of the kittens found their homes with other families, but Eleanor couldn’t resist the charm of one special kitten and decided to adopt it.

After all, this little one was part of her unexpected delivery — it only seemed fitting to keep at least one!


In retrospect, the unexpected delivery of three tiny kittens was far from the package Eleanor had been expecting that day.

However, she couldn’t be happier with the surprising turn of events, ending her story with a sense of deep contentment.

“I’m so glad it turned out this way,” she expressed with a smile.

In the end, an unexpected delivery turned into an unexpected delight, showing us that sometimes, the best gifts come in the most surprising packages.