Caught on Camera: Squirrel steals from neighborhood [Video]

squirrel thief

  • Noemi Gutierrez once spotted a squirrel on her porch with a tortilla in his mouth.
  • After only a few days, her neighbor lost her package too, which Noemi thought was stolen by the critter.
  • The third time, Noemi caught the squirrel stealing on video!

Would you be mad or laughing at this fluffy, tailed thief?

A few weeks ago, Noemi Gutierrez went out to check if someone was outside her house after an alert from her doorbell camera. What she spotted was a squirrel with a stolen tortilla in his mouth:

Photo Credit: Noemi Gutierrez/The Dodo

Thinking it was nothing really serious, Noemi just shrugged it off — only to find out later on that the squirrel is the culprit of a neighborhood package robbery!

Soon after the tortilla incident, Noemi received a request from a neighbor to check her camera footage as her package had strangely gone missing. Unfortunately, nothing was caught on video, which gave Noemi some suspicions.

“I told her, ‘I think it was the squirrel,'” Noemi told The Dodo. “She thought I was joking about it.”

Surely, the neighbor’s reaction is something that sounds valid, as a stealing squirrel seems very unlikely, until one day, Noemi witnessed a porch burglary across her home in Chicago and recorded it on video.

It was the squirrel again!

Like an experienced thief, the furry thief grabbed a package left on a porch, carried it in his mouth, and went straight to the roof.

Stunned, Noemi couldn’t stop laughing over what she just watched — “It was hilarious!”

It’s a good thing Noemi took a video of the thieving squirrel, or nobody might believe her once she reports it to that neighbor.

“How crazy will my neighbor from across the street think I am if I knock on the door and say, ‘Your package was stolen by a squirrel,’ without showing him the video?” Noemi wrote.


Source: The Dodo

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