Suni Lee’s Dad Receives Electric Wheelchair Thanks to Simone Biles [Video]

Suni Lee’s Dad Receives Electric Wheelchair Thanks to Simone Biles

  • When Suni Lee, 18, brought home the gold from the Tokyo Olympics, she made sure to credit her biggest supporter: her dad, John Lee.
  • Her teammate, Simone Biles, was touched by their bond so she decided to help John out.
  • She enlisted the help of the TODAY Show and Quantum Rehab to provide John a brand new electric wheelchair!

The U.S. gymnastics team certainly stepped up following Simone Biles’ decision not to compete in some of the Tokyo Olympics events.

US womens gymnastics team with Today show hosts

Sunisa “Suni” Lee, in particular, earned three medals and brought home the gold in the individual all-around, which made her family more than proud.

Suni, 18, said, “Coming into this competition, I didn’t even think that I could be competing for a gold medal. I was coming to compete for a silver medal. To be here, it’s crazy.”


The teen gold medalist made a special mention of her dad, John Lee, her biggest supporter, and said, “This is our dream, and this is our medal.”

John became paralyzed from the chest down two years ago, a few days before Suni competed at the U.S. Championships. He had been helping a friend trim trees when he fell off a ladder.

So when the gymnastics team returned home, Suni made sure to put the gold medal around her dad’s neck.


That father-daughter bond touched Simone so much that she wanted to give him a special surprise.

She reached out to the TODAY Show and Quantum Rehab for help getting a brand new electric wheelchair for John, who had been using a manual wheelchair since 2019.

Reporter Natalie Morales then delivered the surprise as well as Simone’s video message.

Simone told John, “I love your daughter Suni so much. You have done so much for her, so I reached out to my friends at the ‘Today’ show to see if we could do something special for you.”

The new wheelchair is still yet to be fitted especially for John, but he got to test it out.

He was so happy to know that his kids no longer have to keep pushing him around, and that he could get around doing errands by himself.

Suni Lee’s Dad Receives Electric Wheelchair Thanks to Simone Biles

A huge thanks to Simone, Quantum Rehab, and the TODAY Show for such a kind deed!

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