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Syrian Refugee Among The First To Help Feed The Victims Of Tornado In Tennessee



  • Yassin Terou is a refugee from war-torn Syria and is now an American citizen.
  • He always felt like he owed his new country so he gives back in whatever way he can.
  • After the Tornado destroyed Tennessee, he prepared and delivered food to feed people for free.

He escaped Syria in the midst of war and sought refuge in the U.S. for a better life almost 10 years ago.

Yassin Terou, who is now an American citizen, has worked hard for the better life he was dreaming of and now owns the two very successful falafel restaurants in Knoxville, Tennessee. He has always been grateful for the blessings he received and has always wanted to give back to the new country that gave him a better life which made his store earn the Reader’s Digest title as the “nicest place in America.”

Twitter | Yassin

He is a man with a big heart and when a tornado devastated Tennessee earlier this month, Yassin was one of the first to provide help to his neighbors in Nashville, where the destruction fell the hardest.

One day after the Tornado, Yassin and his staff set up to prepare and deliver food in Nashville. Just as quickly, volunteers started helping. Together, they worked hard to feed everyone—for free!

Twitter | Yassin

This, Yassin does, because he understands the devastating feeling of the people as he felt it himself being a refugee.

“I know what it means to leave your house without nothing. If you’ve been in a tornado zone, or you’ve been a war zone … it’s not your option and not your decision,” he said. “But as a community, it’s our decision to help you. It’s our responsibility to help you.”

Twitter | Yassin

“What I’m doing is I’m transferring the love I have received from everyone,” he added. “I think that we should not stop the love in America. We should not stop who we are by being selfish. This is my mission.”

On the other hand, celebrities like Reba McEntire, Taylor Swift, and Dolly Parton have also pitched in help for the victims. Also, nonprofit organizations like the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee also assist in the recovery process.

Twitter | Yassin

We are breaking bread to break hate and build love,” Yassin said.

Source: Inspire More