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Talented Dog Wins Against His Mom In A Game of Connect 4 [Video]



  • Percy, an adorable cockapoo won in a game of Connect 4 against his human mom.
  • The video of their game showing how he won went viral earlier this month.
  • His owner, Sarah Shapiro-Ward, is an instructor in a dog training school. 

Dogs are naturally intelligent animals. But this one’s exceptionally smart!

Percy, a smart cockapoo, beats her owner in a game of Connect Four and his video of winning went viral earlier this month.

At the start of the video, his owner Sarah Shapiro-Ward can be heard telling him, “Go choose your piece.” Percy then picks up his assigned yellow color piece and drops it on the grid.

“Nice opening move, Perce!” Sarah exclaimed.

The game continued and Percy was quite a capable challenger blocking his mom’s pieces and making his offensive moves. Although, Sarah had to remind him always which colored discs to pick up.

Photo By When Hounds Fly Dog Training/Sarah Shapiro

At some point, Percy might have thought to expedite his winning so he picked up three pieces in his mouth but got into trouble putting them in.

Of course, his mom won’t agree to any form of trick that was not fair. So she jokingly scolds Percy.

“Oh! you picked up three,” Sarah said. “That is definitely cheating.”

In the end, Percy still won the game! He had stacked four yellow pieces in a vertical line beating his mom who was clearly proud of him.

“Oh, good job,” Sarah congratulated the adorable dog. “Nice win!”

Although it looks like Percy is a pro in the game of Connect Four, his mom said he doesn’t have quite some skills with memory to become a master in strategy games, but he is very playful so she’s just there to support him always and let him enjoy the game.


“Once the token has gone in, he doesn’t know it’s there anymore. But he likes to play, so I cheer him on,” Sarah told the New York Post.

Sarah is an instructor at When Hounds Fly Positive Dog Training—a training school for dogs that offers a lot of services including “puppy socialization” and “tricks classes” based in Toronto, Canada. 

Source: People