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Teen Disguises Himself as Deliveryman to Surprise BFF [Video]



  • Jory and Soultana have been best friends for more than a decade, so when Soultana and her family moved away, they made sure to regularly visit Jory and arrange surprise reunions.
  • This year, Jory’s family arranged the surprise visit — they even got tested for COVID-19 and drove more than 12 hours to reach Soultana’s home.
  • When Jory, disguised as a deliveryman, removed his mask to reveal himself, Soultana couldn’t contain her happiness!

Jory Knauf, 15, has been best friends with Soultana Kotrides, 16, since they were just little kids.

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The two friends met back in 2006 as fellow residents of Rochester, New York. They were inseparable back then.

They eventually got separated when Soultana’s family moved 10 years later to Fort Mill, South Carolina. But the pair promised to keep contact.

So Soultana and her family kept returning to Rochester over the following years to visit Jory and his relatives.

Every now and then, they would arrange a surprise for Jory to celebrate their reunion.

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This year, the pandemic has forced Soultana’s family to cancel plans to visit Jory in New York.

So this time, Jory decided to be the one to surprise Soultana, with the help of both their parents!


They made sure to prepare and take all necessary precautions. Jory and his family got tested for COVID-19 to ensure they were safe to travel and visit Soultana’s family.

They then drove for more than 12 hours to reach Soultana’s house!

Jory’s mom, Lynn, got him a FedEx costume, so he could disguise himself as a deliveryman.

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Soultana’s parents couldn’t resist recording the whole interaction from the moment she opened the door to receive her supposed package.

Posted by John Kotrides on Saturday, August 22, 2020

Her reaction to Jory removing his mask to reveal himself was simply priceless! She instantly drops the package and almost falls to her knees with happiness.

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Seeing Soultana’s priceless reaction was worth all the work and coordination between the two families, said her dad, John Kotrides.

John shared, “I was near tears watching the strength leave Soultana’s legs as Jory removed his mask. It could not have been more perfect.”

Photo Credit: Facebook

Their surprise reunion this year will certainly be an unforgettable one! Simply getting to see and be with your best friend personally is a wonderful moment to cherish during these times.

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