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Teen Given A Surprise By Her Bully’s Dad To Teach His Daughter A Lesson



  • When Randy Smalls learned that his daughter was part of a group that bullied another 13-year-old girl, he gave his daughter a lesson she could not forget.
  • His daughter Re’Onna was into fashion and instead of taking her on a shopping spree, he bought clothes for the other girl and made his daughter come with them.
  • When Re’Onna got to know the girl better, she also learned the importance of not picking on others.

The usual response of parents when they learn that their children are part of a group that bullies others is to give punishment.  It would come in withholding privileges like shopping, grounding or cutting on internet time. 

But Randy Smalls found a different way to teach his daughter Re’Onna a lesson when he learned that she was part of a group of students who bullied Ryan Reese. 

Photo Credit: Facebook

Randy knows how it is to be picked on and Ryan has his sympathy. While his wife was on the phone with Ryan’s mom and apologizing, he decided to buy Ryan new clothes instead of taking Re’Onna on a shopping spree.

He also took Ryan to a salon to get her hair done and committed to paying the upkeep on her new hairdo twice a month until the year ended.

It started the ball rolling on other local salons offering to keep her new hairstyle. 

Randy said, “My daughter was upset, especially because she is into fashion. So she came with us and helped pick out Ryan’s new clothes.”

Re’Onna was upset at first but when she came to know Ryan’s circumstances, she came to understand why it is important not to pick on others. 

Ryan lost her dad, grandpa, and aunt within a short period of time. She started having non-epileptic seizures from the stress of losing them.  And the offer from Randy just made her speechless. 

Ryan said she was not expecting it. “I just started to cry. It (the bullying) was really sad for me because I had lost my grandpa, father, and aunt, and it really took me deep down in my depression.”

Her mom Richauna Reese was impressed at Randy’s stance on bullying. 

This all happened in 2019 when Ryan and Re’Onna were still 13. They have remained cool until now. 

Randy said parents should take responsibility for what their children do. “We can teach our children, but when they go and are around other children they can veer off a little bit. When situations like this happen, we have to take action and be the parent and not the friend.”

Good job, Randy!


Source: Inspire More