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Teenager Wanted To Inspire Her Sick Best Friend So She Created Comic Books For Her Starring Super Heroes With Disabilities



  • Trinity’s best friend was hospitalized after she was diagnosed with a degenerative disease.
  • Since then Trinity had wished she could find a superhero character that has disability or special needs to inspire her friend.
  • But she couldn’t find any so she decided to create one instead.

When her best friend, Alexus Dick, was hospitalized for six months in 2014 because of a rare case of degenerative disease — Muscular Atrophy Type 2 — Trinity Jagdeo wished there was a hero her friend could relate to and get inspired by.

But she couldn’t find any so she decided to create one herself.

Photo Credit: Trinity Jagdeo

“Seeing what my best friend was going through, I wanted to do more for others like her.” Trinity said. “We’d watched all of the movies that she had lining her room, and I took note of how drained she was. She had nobody to look up to while she was going through that battle.”

She first thought of reaching out to Disney requesting for characters with disabilities. 

Photo Credit: Trinity Jagdeo

“I wrote them letters, made Youtube videos. I didn’t receive a response, so I decided to create my own non-profit, and I began writing and illustrating my own books that featured local special-needs kids.”

Alexus was very happy to see Trinity’s works that stars heroes with special needs. She said it’s one of the best gifts she has received. 

“I was excited when I realized what she was doing. She was right, there were no characters with disabilities.”

Photo Credit: Trinity Jagdeo

To start the project, Trinity sought her mom’s advice and the first thing they did was register her business. Then she conceptualized how to “bring” her “characters to life.” 

She bought a low cost drawing pad and connected it to her computer. Then she made use of Amazon’s publishing to print it for her. This all she started when she was only 17. 

So far she has published 3 comic books — Zappy Zane, Alice the Ace, and The We Can Squad.

“I love all of the kids I write about, and they all inspire me. I actually illustrated Alexus’s brother, who also has spinal muscular atrophy.”

She also hosts fundraisers like fashion shows and the proceeds benefit children with disabilities and their families. When the pandemic broke out, she moved her fundraisers to online platforms. She was also invited to speak to schools to encourage young people to pursue their passion.


Now, Alexus and Trinity are both 19 years of age and when asked if they have superpowers, Alexus said she’d like to fly and Trinity would like to be able to teleport. 

Trinity looks forward to creating more books that will be displayed in Barnes and Noble.

Source: TODAY.Com