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Ten-year-old pals catchy dance video inspire adult BFFs across the world



  • Best friends Safya and Tyana, both 10-years-old, share a common passion — dancing.
  • These French BFFs favorite saying “dance is a universal language” was put to test when they posted an Instagram video of them dancing and showcasing their friendship.
  • Their viral video caught the attention of two BFF dancers from California who made their version of the dance, looking like the two young, adorable girls.

Safya and Tyana are best friends living in Paris, France. The two share a favorite saying — “dance is a universal language.”

The close friends, who are both 10 years old, love dancing together. Their talent and friendship have put smiles on people’s faces and touched thousands of hearts.

The pair like doing dance videos and post them to their Instagram account, inspiring people from across the world.

One of the videos they poted in last month went viral. It reached the United States and caught the attention of two dancers from Los Angeles, California. Lindsay Diann and Sheela Awe said that Safya and Tyana’s friendship spoke to both their hearts and also couldn’t help but notice how the French girls looked like younger versions of themselves!

The next thing they thought of was to recreate their dance. They shared their own dance video, side by side with the girls’ video. It captured a wonderful connection between friends, generations, and countries.

“It’s a generational thing,” Lindsay wrote. “And this is real life. Thank you @tyana_dvb @safya_mo for sharing your light and inspiring me and @sheelaawe to do the same!”

Lindsay and Sheela danced with so much joy just like Safya and Tyana. Some Instagram users even thought the video is a then-and-now featuring the same two girls. They have an eerie resemblance.. and they wear the same clothes, too. Looking alike or not, they share the same passion — dancing!

Who would love to see all four of them dancing together in the same place one day?

Source: Inspire More