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The Purr-fect Homecoming: Ozzie the Cat Returns Home After Six Years [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Ozzie, a brown tabby cat from Sonoma County, California, returned to his home after six years of being missing due to a wildfire that happened in 2017.
  • After being brought to Forgotten Felines by a Good Samaritan, a microchip scan revealed Ozzie’s original home, leading to a heartwarming reunion with his owner, Duane.
  • After his incredible survival journey, Ozzie is now readjusting to indoor life, and his story reminds us of the extraordinary bond and unbroken connection between pets and their human families.

Reuniting with a lost pet after days can seem like a miracle, but imagine the joy of welcoming back a furry friend after six long years.

This heartwarming story unfolded in Sonoma County, California, where a brown tabby cat named Ozzie miraculously found his way back home, after disappearing during a wildfire in 2017.

According to Duane, Ozzie’s human, the feline vanished during the chaotic evacuation of a friend’s home, which they had sought refuge in after the Nuns Fire forced them from their own abode.

With two dogs and four cats in tow, managing the evacuation was no small task.

As they prepared to leave, all animals were accounted for – except for Ozzie.

Months passed, and despite Duane’s tireless efforts to find Ozzie, there was no sign of the tabby.


“I walked all over and left word with neighbors, but as the months went by, I just resolved myself that there was no way he could be alive,” Duane confessed to The Press Democrat.

But little did she know, Ozzie was closer than she thought.

Surviving against all odds, Ozzie spent the next six years living independently, aided by the goodwill of several strangers who fed him regularly.

His adventure took a turn when a thoughtful Good Samaritan, suspecting Ozzie was too friendly to be a stray, brought him to Forgotten Felines.

At the rescue center, Ozzie was scanned for a microchip, which revealed crucial information.


Thanks to the chip, the staff could contact Duane and share the astonishing news that Ozzie was alive and well.

“It’s unbelievable,” Duane told the outlet. “You hear about these stories, and I just couldn’t believe it.”

Initially, Duane thought it might be a case of mistaken identity.

But all doubts vanished when she went to meet the cat, who “started purring, and he talked to me the whole way home,” she fondly recalls.

After six years of fending for himself, Ozzie is now getting reacquainted with domestic life, and he’s doing purr-fectly well!

As for Duane, she believes that Ozzie’s return proves that sometimes, life does grant us little miracles, especially when they come purring at our doorstep.