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This Adorable Dog Can Take Selfies Using Inventor Mom’s Photo Booth! [Video]



  • Inventor Simone Giertz wanted to teach her dog, Scraps, to take a selfie, but the pup’s paw made it difficult to use a phone.
  • So Simone decided to create a mechanism that could help Scraps take selfies while also receiving a treat!
  • Thanks to Simone’s adorable photo booth, Scraps can take amazing pictures with just a touch of a pedal.

Meet Simone Giertz. She’s a quirky inventor known for her “pointless” but amusing creations.

Photo Credit: Simone Giertz/YouTube

Simone loves her dog, Scraps, to bits. Like all pet parents, she loves taking pictures with Scraps so much. She soon found herself hoping that the pup can take the pictures herself!

The YouTuber shared that she even tried to teach Scraps to take selfies using her phone. But since a paw would obviously make it hard to use a phone, Simone decided to create a wonderful invention: a photo booth where Scraps can take selfies!

Simone used Lego bricks to build a pedal that triggers a mechanism that would both take a picture and dispense dog treats.

She then used thousands of Lego bricks to build an adorable photo booth that’s just the right size for Scraps.

Photo Credit: Simone Giertz/YouTube

Scraps only needed a bit of coaching to figure out the mechanism. Soon, she was taking a lot of cute pictures with just a touch of the pedal!

Photo Credit: Simone Giertz/Twitter

Simone’s Twitter followers gushed over the pictures when she shared them on the social media platform.

A lot of pet parents even called for the booth to be on the market!

It’s amazing how an initially funny idea turned into an amazing creation! We wouldn’t call this invention “pointless,” though, just look at all the amazing photos Scraps took!

Photo Credit: Simone Giertz/Twitter

Source: Inspire More