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This Creative Couple Created a Miniature Art Gallery for their Pet Gerbils [Video]



  • A couple has created a wonderful art gallery for their pet gerbils on their 14th day of quarantine together.
  • The miniature exhibition showcased rodent-themed renditions of classic works of art, including the “Mousa Lisa”.
  • It was also furnished with mini benches, print guides, and a sign that read “PLEASE DON’T CHEW”.

This couple unleashed their creativity during quarantine by creating a wonderful art gallery tailored for their pet gerbils’ entertainment.

The miniature exhibit was created by Marianna Benetti and her boyfriend Filippo Lorenzin, both 30 years old, early this month.

Both originally from Italy, they set up the gallery on their 14th day of self-isolation together in their London home.

They artfully furnished the tiny space by curating rodent-themed renditions of classic works of art—such as the “Mousa Lisa”.

Photo Credit: Filippo Lorenzin/Twitter

Other adorable details included mini benches, gallery assistant stools, large print guides, and a sign which read “PLEASE DON’T CHEW”.

Photo Credit: SWNS

The couple created a blueprint to ensure correct proportions for their pets. They also made sure to only use gerbil-friendly materials.

Filippo detailed the progress in a Twitter thread. They completed the model in four hours.

The couple painted wonderful renditions of the “Mona Lisa”, Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”, Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”, and Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”.

Marianna shared, “The original project was for a doll house, but my boyfriend proposed the idea of designing an art gallery complete with all the details.”

Pandoro and Tiramisu, their 9-month-old gerbils, both enjoyed their time in the gallery. Although, they completely ignored the warning sign and chewed on one of the delicately constructed chairs.

Photo Credit: SWNS

Marianna shared a picture of their creation on Reddit:

Photo Credit: Marianna Benetti/Reddit

And she was surprised by everyone’s “overwhelmingly positive” reaction!

Marianna shared, “We didn’t expect such friendly feedback, and we look forward to adding more artworks to the gallery. It is great to see so many creative suggestions for other paintings from the community.”

See more of the creative adventures this couple has in store for their gerbils by following their YouTube channel and Instagram page.


Source: Good News Network