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This dog is the happiest when watching “101 Dalmatians” [Video]



Remember how excited you get when you were a little kid when your favorite movie was showing? You’d probably hum the intro and sing every song because you memorized all of them.

Have you ever thought if pets feel the same way when a movie comes on? We bet they do.

TikTok user @its.meagan.elizabeth uploaded a couple of videos on the platform, showing how her pet dog looks really obsessed with movies that have dogs in them.

Meagan said her dog, a golden retriever, has loved watching TV. Her dog even knows what to do when asked, “Want to watch TV?” The golden would immediately grab the closest toy to her. Of course, she needs a buddy to watch. Then she’ll pop a squat right in front of the TV screen.

That has become a routine for her. But Meagan said there’s one movie, in particular, that got her dog extra excited. Watch how the golden reacts when she puts on 101 Dalmatians!

@its.meagan.elizabeth Reply to @robthegrump What movie should I show her next?! @Disney+ #dogmom #movienight #bestfriend #dog #dogsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Meagan

You’re awesome Meagan. You picked a wonderful movie to show your dog. 101 Dalmatians is a classic! The golden couldn’t contain her excitement. And just like any kid watching their favorite movie, she couldn’t stay put.

“Omg I love how she stands up to see!!!” said @Savannah Renee. She wanted to be as close as possible! Probably because she couldn’t believe she was seeing dogs on the screen.  “This is why representation matters 😂,” wrote @Almost Dr. Croc. Lol, exactly! 

@its.meagan.elizabeth Which movie is next? @disneyplus #dogsoftiktok #dogmom #goldenretriever #movienight ♬ Watch the Birdie/Visitors – From “Lady and the Tramp”/Score – Oliver Wallace

Movie night with her dog is great that Meagan has introduced a new movie for her — another classic. The next movie night was Lady and the Tramp, which really got the dog’s attention! 

Several TikTok users were commenting suggestions – Oliver and CompanyBoltSecret Life of Pets, all movies starring dogs.

The golden was so intent on watching and when she saw there was a dog on screen, she started freaking out! 


User @Patrick Fuller541 asked, “Why don’t they have 3 hr TikToks? I’d watch this for the whole movie.”

Source: Pet Helpful