This video of a cat and a dog embracing each other is melting people’s hearts

  • A dog and cat duo are going viral on TikTok for their special friendship.
  • The two animals are constantly together.
  • One viral video shows the two animals hugging each other.

These two are constantly together. But when you see how closely they are related, it all makes sense! The Golden and his cat BFF are often goofing around, as evidenced by a viral video in which their affection for one another was evident.

The video shows the feline hugging her favorite pup. In the video’s caption, the animals’ owner @cutepetsassion said, “Harmony and harmony together.” These two are practically inseparable! Check it out for yourself.

@cutepetsassion Harmony and harmony together#pets #cute #foryou #petsoftiktok #catsoftiktok #cat #fyp #fouyoupage #cutecat #cutedog #dog #dogsoftiktok โ™ฌ Happy Together – Weezer

We can see why the video has earned over 370,000 views. These two look very cute together.

“Beautiful little friends,” @lyndi29 commented.ย 

“So sweet both of them,” @darcor1994 wrote.ย 

@a.lin1921 added, “They love each other.”

“They are both cute, but the cutest when they are together,” @lillybaraz13 mused.ย 

This isn’t the first time the two have received attention for their bond. Another TikTok video shows the pooch pulling the cat in a small wagon.

@cutepetsassion Kitty's own driver#pets #cute #foryou #petsoftiktok #catsoftiktok #cat #fyp #fouyoupage #cutecat #cutedog #dog #dogsoftiktok โ™ฌ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

“Kitty’s own driver,” reads the video’s caption. Unfortunately, things go a little wild near the end of the video, although we don’t think it has any long-term consequences for their friendship.

Yes, we believe these two will be best friends for life!

Source: Pet Helpful

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