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Tiny Dog’s Hilarious Reaction Upon Spotting Veterinarian in Traffic [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Charlene Longhi, a veterinarian, was amused by a little dog’s strong reaction to seeing her in her work attire during a traffic slowdown.
  • The dog, riding shotgun in a car ahead, seemed to believe he was being pursued by a vet, sparking a mix of yapping and snarling from the furry passenger.
  • Despite the hilarious encounter, Longhi expressed her willingness to treat the dog if he ever visited her clinic, proving her professionalism and love for animals.

Veterinarian Charlene Longhi, while on her way to work in Brazil, found herself in a rather amusing scenario.

To her surprise, she became the subject of a tiny passenger’s dread – a little dog riding shotgun in the car ahead, who clearly didn’t appreciate the unexpected encounter with a possible vet on the road.

Seeing Charlene in her work attire, the little pup might have feared that he was being pursued by a rogue vet – every pet’s worst nightmare.

This certainly wasn’t the leisurely drive he had in mind.

His reaction was an adorable mix of snarling and yapping, likely questioning how on earth the veterinarian found him on his day off.


The little dog’s spirited defense and unique road rage brought a smile to Longhi’s face.

“I found the situation very funny,” she said, taking the canine’s mini-tantrum in stride.

Although Longhi does not remember ever treating this spirited little dog in her clinic, she was amused rather than offended by the encounter.

Regardless of this initial awkward ‘meeting’, she expressed her willingness to treat the dog if he ever ended up in her clinic.

She said, “If he were in my clinic, it would be a pleasure to serve him.”

It seems this vet in Brazil knows how to see the lighter side of things, even when faced with a canine protester during a traffic slowdown.


Here’s hoping that, if their paths ever cross again, the little dog realizes that veterinarians are friends, not foes.

Until then, he’s probably hoping for a vet-free ride next time.