Toddler With Cerebral Palsy Is Now The Speed Queen [Video]

  • Colbie Durburow has beaten the odds of having cerebral palsy and other health problems to learn how to be mobile with the aid of a walker.
  • Colbie is now known as the family’s little speed queen as she “zooms” around in her walker.
  • An adorable video shows Colbie and her great-grandma Eleanor on walkers.

Colbie Durborow was born a micro-preemie. She lost her twin brother but she defied all odds to be where she is now.

Always a fighter, the 1-pound, 2-ounces Colbie had a myriad of health problems. Having a bilateral brain bleed just after she was born led to her having cerebral palsy. Surviving was a struggle.

But her parents Colin and Amanda Durborow of Farmingdale, New Jersey, believed in her and they never gave up hope.

Her mom Amanda said, “Doctors sat us down and said, ‘Listen, we don’t know what Colbie’s life is going to be like. We don’t even know that she’ll survive, pretty much.’ And now look at her.”


Colbie never gave up as she is a fighter. The prospect of walking was far-fetched from the doctors’ minds but she approved them wrong. She’s now walking alongside her grandmother!

On her 2nd birthday, she beat the odds by learning how to walk with the help of a walker. And now, after a year and with physical therapy, her parents call her a little speed queen!

During this pandemic, their family and their 91-year-old grandmother Eleanor have been following COVID-19 protocols to stay at home. 

But they finally had a chance to have a socially-distanced meeting. 

Photo Credit: Aye Durbs

Grandma Eleanor also manages to get around with the help of a walker. Seeing Grandma and granddaughter both on walkers as they take a socially-distanced “stroll” is simply the cutest thing!

Amanda shared, “They’ve always had a special bond.”

Photo Credit: Aye Durbs

Colbie even adorably urges her great-grandma to “come on” as they enjoy their power walk. 

With Colbie’s indomitable spirit, she’ll be soon “running” with her baby sister Laine.

Photo Credit: Aye Durbs

Keep it up, Colbie!


Source: Inspire More

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