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Tourist saves Indian woman from drowning, and now they’re happily married!



  • Attila Bosnyak, from the Netherlands, and Nupur Gupta of India met in 2019 during a yoga retreat.
  • The two had not really spoken to each other during the retreat until a drowning incident happened.
  • Attila saved Nupur — the beginning of their “heaven-sent” love story that led to a blissful union.

The oceans must have played cupid.

In the love month of 2019, two complete strangers from different sides of the world happened to be exactly on the same beach in Goa, India.

Nupur Gupta of Kerala, India was teaching at a two-week yoga retreat, where Attila Bosnyak was a guest taking a break from the cold winter in where he lives, the Netherlands. The two were only familiar faces seeing each other around the resort and had not really spoken during the retreat.

Nupur was having her usual dip in the ocean between lessons, when suddenly, she was caught in a powerful current and the tides kept pulling her out to sea, making it hard for her to swim back to dry land.

Photo Credit: Attila Bosnyak/Facebook

Out of the blue, a man was running towards her: Attila.

“Then I saw this man coming towards me,” Nupur said. “He came very close to me, to hold my hand and pull me out, but just about that time I was pulled in by the ocean.”

Photo Credit: Attila Bosnyak/Facebook

But the current was too strong for Attila to help Nupur out. So, he tried another way, swam to the rocks, climbed on top of them and called the lifeguard’s attention.

Attila’s attempt to save Nupur was successful, they made it back to the shore — but Attila was bleeding with some scratches.

Nupur felt bad that her rescuer was injured because of her. She rushed to get first aid, as well as chocolate ice cream as her way of thanking her hero. The moment she gave him the ice cream, their hearts just melt, like a “magic moment” as how Attila put it.

The feeling was mutual for Nupur who said that “something changed, for me, in that moment. There was a click in my heart somewhere.”

Photo Credit: Attila Bosnyak/Facebook

Since that encounter, Attila and Nupur took the time to get to know each other. They even spent an extra week together when the retreat was over. Like no one had expected, the time they parted ways was the beginning of a long-distance relationship.

Just about a year ago, Attila asked Nupur to marry him and the rest, as they say, was history.

Photo Credit: Nupur Gupta Bosnyak/Facebook

For Attila, “it really seems like a heaven-sent relationship.”

Nupur was very grateful for the beach incident which led her to the love of her life. She now lives with her husband in Amsterdam, and she wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.

“When I still lived in India, I would sometimes cancel a date because I didn’t feel like traveling to the other side of town,” she said. “Look at me now. I moved across the globe to be with the love of my life.”

Source: Inspire More