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Troublemaker Dog Keeps Ruining Perfect Family Photos



  • Getting the perfect family photo can be difficult, especially with pets.
  • Yoko knows the struggle too well — she keeps trying to get the perfect photo of her four Shiba Inu dogs, Kikko, Sasha, Momo, and Hina.
  • Hina always wants to do her own thing, and her antics keep ruining an otherwise perfect group photo!

It can be difficult to capture the perfect family photo — it seems like there will always be one who has their eyes closed or is looking away from the camera.

The difficulty increases when there are kids in the group, or pets.

A mom of four Shiba Inu dogs knows just how difficult it is. Yoko, a yoga instructor in Hong Kong, loves taking group photos of the adorable sisters, Kikko, Sasha, Momo, and Hina.

Photo Credit: Facebook

These cuties have since earned a huge social media following. But don’t let the perfect picture above fool you into thinking that all of them are always so well-behaved.

Yoko does not always have it easy taking their pictures — especially since one of the sisters seems to be a troublemaker.

Unlike her siblings, Hina, the white pup, just wants to do her own thing.

Just take a look at 12 of their Instagram photos to see just how she manages to ruin an otherwise perfect group photo:


1. “Argh! How long is this gonna take?!”

Photo Credit: Instagram

2. Her only thoughts are of cake…

Photo Credit: Instagram

3. “I’m the fun one of the group!”

Photo Credit: Instagram

4. It seems like she’s showing what she thinks of the posing instructions.

Photo Credit: Instagram

5. It was supposed to be a majestic shot.

Photo Credit: Instagram

6. “Oh yeah? I can open my mouth wider!”

Photo Credit: Instagram

7. It’s just one of those group photos where one has their eyes closed.

Photo Credit: Instagram

8. “All these boring poses are just making me sleepy.”

Photo Credit: Instagram

9. “Oh! A bird!”

Photo Credit: Instagram

10. She just wants to show a different angle for once.

Photo Credit: Instagram

11. “Ah! Is that a butterfly?”

Photo Credit: Instagram

12. “I’m just gonna nap ’til it’s over.”

Photo Credit: Instagram

Why, these group photos don’t look ruined to us! It seems like Hina made the photos look even more adorable.

She has certainly put a hilarious twist to these photos — and we all love her for it.

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