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Unlikely Animal Friends Find Forever Home Together



Quick Smiles:

  • Felix the dog and Cinnamon the goat, who arrived as a bonded pair at the Wake County Animal Center, have found their forever home together at a North Carolina farm.
  • The shelter wanted to do what was in the best interest of the unlikely buddies and put a call out to its rescue partners for help as they couldn’t separate them.
  • The Mr. Mo Project, a long-time rescue partner of the shelter, found the perfect foster who owns a farm with goats to offer the animals a permanent home. Since moving onto the farm, Cinnamon and Felix have adapted swimmingly and are as inseparable as ever.

Felix the dog and Cinnamon the goat have a heartwarming story that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

These two unlikely friends arrived together at the Wake County Animal Center in North Carolina and quickly stole the hearts of everyone who met them. Their original owner was hospitalized and could no longer care for them, but it was clear that Felix and Cinnamon were not interested in being separated.

The Wake County Animal Center knew they had to find a way to keep these best friends together, but they couldn’t meet Cinnamon’s long-term needs at the shelter for cats, dogs, and small critters.

They put out a call to their rescue partners for help, and the Mr. Mo Project, a long-time partner of the Wake County Animal Center, came to the rescue.

The Mr. Mo Project found the perfect foster for Felix and Cinnamon – Jacquie Bankes, who owns a farm with goats and has fostered for the Mr. Mo Project several times in the past. Bankes welcomed the duo with open arms and they have adapted swimmingly to their new home.

According to Bankes, Felix is like the big brother, tolerating his rambunctious little sister Cinnamon who wants to spend every second with him. The duo is learning tricks and, most importantly, they’re together and loved.

“We respect that bonds can be formed between any species, and we celebrate that. Dogs have formed friendships with dolphins; why not a goat?” said Chris and Mariesa Hughes, the founders of the Mr. Mo Project. And they’re right – the story of Felix and Cinnamon proves that love knows no bounds.


These two have found their forever home together, where they’ll be spoiled with lots of love and attention. It’s a happy ending for everyone involved!

Source: People