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Unusual Friendship Between A 4-year-Old Girl And A Hen Is The Cutest! [Video]



  • Honor Wegge’s family runs the Sycamore Tree Ranch in Springtown, Texas with more than 100 animals.
  • While Honor loves all of the animals in the ranch, her favorite is a hen named Girl.
  • Honor and Girl have been inseparable and they love hanging out with each other every single day.

Finding a true friend is a rare gem in life. 

Honor Wegge’s parents run a nonprofit sanctuary called Sycamore Tree Ranch in Springtown, Texas. Four-year-old Honor has grown up with pets of all colors, sizes, and kinds, surrounding her.

Needless to say, she has become accustomed to different kinds of farm animals and loves them dearly. But there is one particular animal that she loves the most — a chicken!

Watch the video below in FULL SCREEN.

The hen’s name is Girl and among all the 100+ animals on the farm, she has been Honor’s most favorite! 

“We don’t know why these two have become BFFs, but they are now inseparable,” Koby, Honor ‘s mom, wrote on Instagram. “Each morning as we open the coop, this little chickie runs to her girl, who promptly scoops her up and carries her around, rocks her to sleep on the porch swing … and introduces her to the other sanctuary residents.”

Photo Credit: @sycamoretreeranch (Instagram)

Girl stays calm when she’s in the arms of Honor. Koby describes her as the “most easygoing chicken.” She even doesn’t complain when Honor hugs her tightly.

“Toddlers and animals are very food motivated, so that’s probably why they get along,” Koby said with a laugh.

Photo Credit: @sycamoretreeranch (Instagram)

Whenever Girl hangs out with other chickens, Honor gets jealous at times! They have been very close she wants them to be together all the time.

“It feels so satisfying to see that my kids are loving animals as much as I do, and to see her nurturing and learning to take care of Girl,” Koby said. “She genuinely loves and pursues a relationship with this chicken. They just have this sweet little innocent relationship.”

This pair is absolutely adorable!

Source: Inspire More