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Vet’s Dog Helps Save Tiny Rescue Puppy with Blood Transfusion



  • Elli Smith was able to save a tiny rescue puppy from euthanization and bring her to the vet.
  • Puppy Penelope was then given a blood transfusion from the vet’s dog, Murphy.
  • Thanks to Elli and Murphy, puppy Penelope is now much better and has since been reunited with her mom, Petunia.

A Good Samaritan and a dog helped save the life of a tiny rescue puppy after a chance encounter.

Elli Smith, founder of Sky Sanctuary Rescue, was at the Arizona Humane Society one day, rescuing a dog. While she was there, a lady rushed in with a limp puppy.

Tiny Rescue Puppy
Photo Credit: Instagram/Sky Sanctuary Rescue

Elli overheard the lady asking for help at the front desk. Elli was worried that the shelter’s answer would be to euthanize the puppy, so she handed the lady her card just in case.

She then returned to her car, praying that the lady would call her soon so that the puppy’s life can be saved. Ten minutes later, the lady confirmed that the shelter indeed wanted to euthanize the puppy. So Elli told her to bring it to their vet.

Tiny Rescue Puppy
Photo Credit: Instagram/Sky Sanctuary Rescue

The poor puppy, who was only 3 weeks old, was covered in hundreds of ticks. She was badly in need of a blood transfusion.

So the vet’s wife brought over their dog, Murphy. He was instantly curious and fond of puppy Penelope.

Vet's Dog Helps Save Tiny Rescue Puppy with Blood Transfusion
Photo Credit: Instagram/Sky Sanctuary Rescue

After a transfusion of a few syringes of Murphy’s blood, tiny Penelope looked so much better.

Elli shared, “You could literally see the color rush back to her gums and the life into her eyes… I have to imagine Penelope is quite thankful for Murphy … her hero.”

Tiny Rescue Puppy
Photo Credit: Instagram/Sky Sanctuary Rescue

Pet Urgent Care’s practice manager, Rachel Hendricks, took Penelope home to bottle-feed her.

Elli then tried to find Penelope’s mom, who she learned was living outdoors with 25 other dogs in a fenced-in pen.

Penelope’s mom, Petunia, have been spending her life in a dirt hole, exposed to harsh elements. Elli talked with the property owner to let her take Petunia and other dogs in need of medical attention.

Petunia was also treated for ticks, after which she was reunited with Penelope.


The two were so happy to be back together that their personalities shone through! Both of them loved getting pets and comforting attention.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Sky Sanctuary Rescue

A loving foster home will be caring for Petunia and Penelope until the little puppy is 9 to 10 weeks old. After that, they can start the search for their forever family.

Elli hopes that they can get adopted soon after by a family that will give them all the love, attention, and pets they deserve.

You can help other Arizona dogs by donating to Sky Sanctuary Rescue. For anyone interested in adopting Petunia or Penelope, you can apply here.

Source: The Dodo