Video Of Husky Putting Her Paws Around Human Baby Sister While They Nap Warms Hearts [Video]

  • Millie the husky has been with her baby human sister Daisy ever since she was born.
  • Their mom thinks that Millie believes that Daisy is her pup that’s why she is protective of her.
  • Millie wraps her paws around Daisy when they sleep.

Dogs are naturally protective of their puppies.  And for one husky named Millie, her human baby sister Daisy, is her child.  After all, Millie has been there ever since Daisy was born.

And as a “mom” she will protect the most fragile member of her pack— the baby.

Actually, all the kisses and sniffs that the dog does to the baby’s face or bottom, is their way of checking the baby’s health just like what they do with their puppies.

Not only that, dogs are “smitten” with babies and develop deep connections with them, according to the American Kennel Club.  Babies are someone who would offer them attention and fun as they can play with them.

Photo Credit: milperthusky (YouTube)

Pet Health and Wellness Expert for Maple Holistics Caleb Backe said, “When there is a dog around, human babies grow up healthier, more protected, and generally happier.”

This is attributed to the rise in dopamine and serotonin levels of the baby due to the love and affection it is being showered on by the dog.  It could even strengthen the immune system of the baby.

And Daisy and Millie are excellent proof of that.  They love each other and when Daisy sees Millie, she smiles and giggles.  Millie’s large size does not scare her at all.  For her, Millie is one big fluffy friend.

Photo Credit: milperthusky (YouTube)

One parent said, “Daisy, our baby gets so excited when she sees my husky Millie! They love each other so much and just want to cuddle!” She added, “They always fall asleep together.”

And when the parent posted a video of Millie wrapping her paws around Daisy while they slept, it went viral and gained 2.4 million views!

One commenter wrote, “I just love how fascinated baby is with pup, and how gentle pup is with baby. They are best friends forever!”

Photo Credit: milperthusky (YouTube)

Another comment reads, “I can’t believe that Millie is so patient with the baby. Just wants to snuggle what a great babysitter. Love that they nap together.”

Keep on loving Millie and Daisy!

Source: Animal Channel

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