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Watch A Meetup For Introverted Dogs: Awkward but Adorable [Video]



  • Introverted dogs meet at a playdate to encourage them to be more sociable.
  • The playdate may have some awkward moments but kudos to the dogs, they tried.
  • After all, it takes courage to let go of fears and shyness to become a sociable person, err dog.

Going out of our comfort zones can be scary.  Not only do humans find it awkward, dogs do, too!

But there’s also a saying that goes, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.  And so, we must come out of our shells and make it into the big world and make friends or at least meet others.

Quila is a shy dog and in order for her to be sociable, her dog psychologist suggested and coordinated a playdate for introverted dogs.  Its aim is to make less sociable dogs adjust and feel a little less scared in social settings. 

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It would help in how dogs react when introduced to other animals.  It would also manage hyperactive behaviors and encourage interaction.

In the video you can see that the dogs are all making clumsy attempts at approaching others and making contact but you have to give them credit for trying.

According to Quila’s owner who shared the video of the playdate, “[Most] of the time they were just chilling like this.” You can see a little awkwardness in how the pups behaved but it was adorable seeing them try to have a good time.

It may take some time for introverted pups to let go of their shyness and develop into outgoing dogs but Quila’s owner loves them.

Qula’s owner wrote, “I love introverts. She added, “They are so personal when they show you their true color[s]. I’m so thankful I got the opportunity to find this dog group.”

Let’s give Quila and all the introverted dogs some love, guys.  After all, our differences in accepting change in our behaviors are what makes us unique.


Source: The Dodo