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Watch A Newly-Adopted Kitten Trying To Win An Adult Cat’s Heart [Video]



  • Netizens are delighted over a kitten’s efforts to make friends with the older cat at his new owner’s home.
  • Wotsit, the kitty, was hissed at every day by the adult cat but he persevered to play, eat and snuggle with the older cat, Smeagol.
  • After a month, Smeagol relented and now plays and sleeps with him and even grooms him.

A kitten’s attempts at trying to be friends with his new owner’s cat is melting hearts online.

The TikTok viral video posted by Charlie Hernan has already reached over 15 million views, as of this writing. She explains that she recently lost one of her cats and in order to provide a friend to her other cat, Smeagol, she decided to get a new kitty.

@charlie.makeupx Its been a long month.. but they are finally besties #cutecats #catvideos #kitten #introducingnewkitten #newkitten #catsmeetingkittens ♬ Here With Me – d4vd

When she introduced them, Smeagol hissed and backed away from the ginger-and-white kitten. The cat simply hated the new addition to the family.

The following clip shows Wotsit sitting beside a plant pot, shaking in fear.  According to Charlie, he was mistreated at his old home.  The animosity from Smeagol must have brought the bad memories back. 

@charlie.makeupx Replying to @Jenna Ayers he’s in the most loving home with his new family, we love him 💖 #cutecats #catvideos #kitten #introducingnewkitten #newkitten #catsmeetingkittens ♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

For over a week, Smeagol hissed at Wotsit but the kitten was determined to make friends with him.

The following clips show Wotsit trying to play, eat his food, cuddle up and even reach up to the cat’s paw while at the cat tree. And slowly, the barriers broke down and his hard work paid off. In a month, the Smeagol now plays, grooms and cuddles with him to sleep. They are now besties.

Comments from other animal lovers are pouring in.

Perseverance really takes you far like Kelsey Young who posted: “I love a cat that’s determined to make friends lol.”

Photo by Zoritsa Valova on Unsplash

On the other hand, DandiestCat offered an explanation on the older cat’s behavior: “He was maybe still grieving, but so glad to see he warmed up,” to which Eparama Kotobalavu wrote: “I can’t, the cuddle at the end broke me.”

Another user Kylie_Marie added: “The head-to-head cuddles at the end (crying emoji).”


There are ways to make the introduction easier for both the new and the resident cat.

London animal charity Battersea Dogs and Cats Home recommends separating the two first and allowing the resident cat to get used to the new one’s scent. Their natural curiosity will lead them to sniff each other’s scents.

Photo by Ayelt van Veen on Unsplash

Then allow them to get a glimpse of each other.  Afterward, let the new one wander around to familiarize itself with its new surroundings while keeping them separated.  When they have adjusted to their scents, let them meet each other.  Depending on their initial reactions, you would know if they can be together or not. In time, they will learn to be friends.

Good job, kitty!

Source: Newsweek