Watch Adorable 5-Yr-Old Dancing And Making Faces, Stealing The Show At Graduation [Video]

  • Martina Blair shared a funny video clip of her 5-year-old grandchild Lily, bringing the house down at their graduation.
  • Lily is shown dancing and making silly faces and making everyone laugh in the midst of just swaying classmates.
  • The commenters all agree that Lily is indeed funny and just enjoying her life

At their preschool graduation in Ohio, 5-year-old Lily steals the show and owns her funny side during their presentation.  She’s certainly not shy and not afraid to express herself.

Preschooler steals the show at graduation with awesome dance moves

How we feel about the weekend: Meet Lily, your Preschool Queen! Lily loves to sing and dance, and during her preschool graduation ceremony she showed off her amazing dance moves.

Posted by ABC 13 – WSET on Saturday, 11 May 2019

According to Lily’s grandmother, Martina Blair, Lily loves dancing, singing and arts and crafts.  Lily makes everyone laugh with her goofy antics that she describes the little girl as “our hysterical little blessing.”

So, when she showed her confidence and hilarious side during their graduation, Martina could not help but get cracked up.  And her recording of the girl’s goofiness can really make you laugh out loud, too!

Photo Credit: ABC 13 – WSET (Facebook)

Lily was dancing to her own tune which was really on point while her classmates just swayed.  But when the children’s song “Tooty Ta” came on, Lily went full-on crazy! She was making silly faces, busting moves and plain basking in the attention from her audience!

Martina at one point could not help but snort and wheeze as she laughed so hard.

Photo Credit: ABC 13 – WSET (Facebook)

And when she shared the video clip on Facebook, people cannot help but laugh and admire the confidence in the kid. Ruth Patton said: “Judy you got a belly laugh for that.  So funny.” Trish Jennings Stuppiello wrote: “Free spirit loving it… living in the moment with no cares” and Brenda White Mettetal added: “Wonder what/who she will be when she grows up.  She is ALL IN on this task.”

Tilly Hutton said it best: “She is enjoying life.  She is gonna be great.”

Keep it up, Lily!  You certainly are a fresh breath of sunshine and laughter in this world.

Source: Inspire More

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Thank you for a good laugh.

The video of the little girl at her graduation doesn’t work; can’t see!

Funniest video I have ever seen!! I am 83 and have seen a lot of funny things but this beats all of them!!!