Watch Adorable Rescue Pigs Enjoying The Sanctuary’s Slide [Video]

  • The Rose Bridge Farm Sanctuary have regular posts on their farm animals but this video has captured a large number of viewers.
  • The video shows their newest rescues of baby pigs happily going down the slide.
  • Judging from the viewers’ positive comments, we hope there will be a line of cars heading off to the sanctuary to visit.

First, you climb the steps to get to the top of the slide and then you sit down, wiggle to get a good fit, hold the railing just a little and then wee!!!! you’re finally going down the slide.  Remember the feeling? 


Some have asked to see how the pigs get up and some want the weeee sound. This is the farm where we got the pigs. Which do you prefer? #weee #fun #fyp #teachthemyoung #piggy #playground

♬ Wee – MC M10

A video posted on TikTok by the Rose Bridge Farm Sanctuary brings back the happy feelings of sliding.  But it’s got the cutest sliders— rescued piglets- which make it more fun to look at.

The cute baby pigs’ pure joy at sliding has made viewers want to join in on the fun, too!  Although not for real.  But the slide looks like it could hold a human who would dare try it.  We won’t be surprised if someone would try sliding down when one visits the sanctuary!


Here are our three amigos. All boys and only 3 weeks old so no sliding board just yet. #rosebridgefarmsanctuary #piglets #pig #newadditiontothefamily #welcome

♬ ily (i love you baby) – Surf Mesa

The farm has been regularly posting videos and photos of their cows, goats and even a peacock but the adorable video has captured a big share of the audience’s attention.  A batch of TikTok stars is born!

Proof is one viewer’s comment, @dianedinger80 who said, “Toooo damn cute.”  @leahlandi766 went as far as to ask, “Omg🥰🥰🥰 where is this heaven??”!  She might just hop in her car and zoom all the way to the sanctuary for the people at the farm answered: “The Rosebridge Farm and Sanctuary is located in Dresher PA.”

With these pigs “living the life they should🥰💜.” According to @marieslife81, there just might be a trail of cars heading to the sanctuary.

When you do, please say hello to the pigs and the other farm animals in their care for us and maybe jump in the slide and say wee!

Source: Pet Helpful

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