Watch this dog mom’s lightning reflexes as she catches her falling pet [Video]

dog mom's lightning reflexes as she catches her pet falling from upstairs window

  • Rachel Green was talking to someone near her doorstep when she noticed a shift in the light from an upstairs window.
  • Spotting her dog Florence, Rachel raced to catch her as she fell.
  • The six-year-old pooch came away uninjured apart from a sore leg thanks to her mom’s quick reflexes.

A doorbell camera caught the heart-stopping moment a woman caught her dog after she fell twenty feet from a window.

Rachel Green from Hawkinge, Kent, was talking to a window fitter on her doorstep when she noticed a shift in the sunlight coming from an upstairs window.

Photo Credit: Rachel Green/

When she looked up, Rachel spotted her six-year-old Border Collie, Florence, opening a bathroom window upstairs.

Realizing that her pup was about to walk out the window, Rachel audibly gasped and screamed, “Oh my God, get back!” She then rushed into place to catch Florence.

Florence falls down, but thankfully, Rachel was already in place ready to catch her.

She managed to grab hold of the pup, saving her from a hard landing.

Photo Credit: Rachel Green/

Fortunately, Florence walked away from the incident “absolutely fine,” apart from a sore leg.

Rachel said that the tri blue merle Border Collie had “never done that before” during her six years with them.

She then offered a possible explanation: “She’s always been an independent dog but I guess she’s become clingy since the pandemic and working from home, she always wants to be by my side. I just didn’t realize how far she’d go to do that!”

Photo Credit: Rachel Green

“The windows were shut but she managed to push one wide open,” she added. “I only noticed she was there because the sun’s reflection on the wall moved and caught my eye.”

It’s a good thing she noticed it and acted quickly! Her lightning reflexes certainly saved her dog from broken limbs.

Photo Credit: Rachel Green/

Viewers of the footage applauded Rachel for her “heroic effort and truly amazing save.”

“Thank God you have the reflexes of a ninja, thank God your dog didn’t get hurt,” another comment read.

Photo Credit: Rachel Green

Rachel said that she had been outside for only five minutes max when Florence decided to go on the airborne adventure. 

“Main thing is, my dog is absolutely fine and suffered nothing more than a sore leg for a couple of hours,” she shared.

Florence was lucky her mom was there to catch her!

Source: Daily Mail

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Thank God the dog is alright. Maybe the dog didnt like the man that was with her. Maybe the dog thought she was in danger.

One very lucky dog to have Super Woman for a mom !!